Reliable excavation and site work contractor since 1983. Building the future on experience from the past.

Our Services

Excavation and Site Work

We take on major excavation and site work projects in the area. We handle the site prep, excavation, grading, and underground utilities. Most recently Rod Anderson Construction was involved in the new elementary schools and the hospital in Pendleton.

Mass Excavation

We have the equipment to get your mass excavation project done. Take a look at our fleet and give us a call today to begin your next mass excavation project.

Road Building and Maintenance

We have the gravel, equipment, and man power to build any private road or city street. Call us today to discuss your road building needs.

Underground Utilities

We take on new and emergency underground utility projects in the area.  We can handle underground utility projects up to five feet from your building.

Wind Farm Road Construction

With several projects under our belt we have the experience to accomplish your next road building project. Contact us today for more information.

Residential Excavation & Site Work

We handle driveways, slab prep, site clearing, underground utilities (up to five feet from building), retaining walls and more, for both new or existing residential lots.

Commercial Lot Repair

We can help you with your commercial lot improvements of poor drainage issues, underground utility repairs, retaining walls, site cleanup, grading and leveling driveways and parking lots and more.  Contact us today.


Need demolition? Look no further than Rod Anderson Construction. We have the equipment and man power to get your demolition project done quickly, large or small.

Rock Products

With our own rock quarry, we have the resources available to get any rock related project done quickly. No project is too large thanks to our resources, equipment, and man power.

35+ Years Experience

We have been serving Eastern Oregon since 1983 and have no plans to stop.

Excavation Contractor

We specialize in new building site prep and underground utilities, road building and road maintenance, commercial lot repair and demolition.

Great Customer Service

We are local and know that customer service is important, our friendly staff is here to help.

Project Success

We have the track record of success and are ready to get started on your next excavation project.

Live Local, Work Local

All of our projects are within a 50 mile radius of Pendleton, Oregon allowing our employees to return home each night.

Competitive Pricing

We will compete for your business and with the rock and equipment we have what it takes.