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Customer Satisfaction
At Rod Anderson Construction, Inc. our primary goal is to provide the highest level of quality and service to our customers. Rod Anderson Construction, Inc. is known throughout the area for continually completing quality projects on time and within budget.
Comments From Some of Our Clients:
"We want to thank Rod Anderson Construction, Inc. for helping to make this project a success. Their team leaders were very proactive, good communicators, cooperative, professional and a pleasure to work with. They worked hard, safely and delivered a quality product."

Skanska USA Building on the Wallowa Memorial Hospital
Wallowa Memorial Hospital - Site development in Pendleton, OR
"Wallowa Memorial Hospital Site Development"
"The thing that sets your organization apart from most others is your commitment to the customer and your rock solid values. You are to be complimented on your professionalism, work ethic and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done correctly and on schedule."

Dave Fishel with McCormack Construction Company
Rock Creek Substation - Site development in Pendleton, OR
"Rock Creek Substation - Bonneville Power Administration"
"We have been pleased with this firm's ability to get the job done within budget and time constraints. They have a crew that is very knowledgeable about construction practices and works very well together. Rod has assembled an impressive array of equipment to handle almost any type of civil work."

Jerry Odman with the City of Pendleton